Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holidays and scrummy breakfast!

Yay! We made it! So as it's the first day of school holidays and good Friday I decided to make a scrummy breakfast, thought I would share with you my way of poaching eggs. I know most of you will know what to do but this is different... I get perfect eggs every time. This is by no means my own idea actually I am not sure who I go it from but it works!

Okay so first of all get a bowl and glad wrap (glad is best as it doesn't stick, if you don't have glad you can spray cling wrap with oil). Lay the glad wrap over the bowl.

Crack one egg into the glad wrap in the bowl.

Pull all four corners together in your fingers.

Twist, twist, twist and twist some more.

Put it into another bowl where you will keep them until you have done all the eggs you require. It doesn't matter if they untwist a little so long as the egg doesn't ooze out.

Once the water is boiling add a little salt and remove from the element. Using tongs lower each glad wrapped egg into the water, re-twisting the top if neccessary. Return to simmer.

If you want runny yolks simmer for about 2 minutes or for harder about 5 minutes. Make sure the white is set before removing them from the pot. Use tongs to remove them and open and tip onto a spoon with holes in it to drain out excess water.

There you have it, beautifully poached eggs! Scrummy!

Does anyone have any other tips on how they cook their eggs?

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