Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seeds are sprouting!

For the last few weeks our school topic has been sowing seeds. So far, so good. At the beginning of the school term we went on a trip to our local domain where the children scavenged for seeds and looked at different types of plants.

I gave my children little clear bank bags to collect their items in. My rule was "if it doesn't fit in the bag you can't bring it back" - worked a treat and the kids were so proud of their little treasures.

Once back at school I was unsure searching for something creative to do with their little bags. Not so creative but very effective... I pinned each bag to the wall with their names attached and we wrote captions (like from the newspaper) to give insight into what we did that day and what we found.

The captions are being painfully slowly typed up on our new school lap tops (which the children are loving!) Maybe time for a little typing practise, although the more they do it, i pray they will get faster!

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